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The New Concept

The ultimate hand-held receiver

500kHz - 1900MHz
1000 channels (50 X 20 banks)

"WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE AR8000". It incorporates the latest PLL technology and offers a multitude of features including true carrier re-insertion SSB(CW) demodulation with 50Hz frequency steps. 4 level alpha numeric LCD indicates the frequency, signal strength, band scope and more. Selectable squelch system, auto-mode, auto-band-plan, serial communication port are all standard. Internal ferrite antenna offers high performance reception below 2MHz.


Frequency coverage

500kHz - 1900MHz

Receive mode

AM, WFM(wide),NFM(narrow) USB, LSB & CW

Memory channels

1000 (50 ch X 20 banks)

Scan rate

30 channels / second

Search rate

30 increments / second

Antenna connectors


Power requirements

4.8 V Nicads
Ext. 9.0 to 16 V DC approx. 160mA


69mm(W) X 153mm(H) X 40mm(L)
excluding projections


0.35 kg




Soft leatherette case
Computer I/F unit
Recording I/F


The AR8000 is a highly sensitive hand-held receiver boasting a very wide frequency coverage of 500 kHz to 1900MHz without gaps in the range. Step size is programmable in multiples of 50Hz for smooth tuning. The all-mode reception provides, AM, USB, LSB, CW, NFM and WFM.
As you might expect from a radio receiver of this calibre, an independent 4.0kHz SSB filter is fitted as standard and the USB/LSB/CW modes use true carrier re-insertion with correctly calibrated frequency read-out(not offset by 1.5kHz). A custom manufactured ferrite bar antenna is neatly internally installed at the top of the receiver's cabinet t enhance receive performance when listening in population centres to Medium Wave services or when commentary is provided at airshows and motor sport events.

The high visibility LCD is of a new dot matrix format which enables many new facilities to be used, many of which have never been seen before especially on a hand-held design. Two VFO frequencies may be displayed in the LCD simultaneously, one providing a stand-by frequency available for quick transfer(similar to commercial aviation built-in radio transceivers). When frequencies are entered, ALPHANUMERIC comments may be stored along with frequency, mode & attenuator status simplifying the job or recalling and identifying memory channels. The LCD provides four line of display so that additional facilities may be provided and displayed at the same time, these include a signal strength bar meter and a band-scope showing band occupancy.

Computer type functions...

The AR8000 is equipped with almost every conceivable operating feature but operation remains easy thanks to a massive new microprocessor. A total of 1000 memory channels are provided which are divided into 20 banks, each having 50 channels. AOR have chosen to allocate 50 channels per memory bank(rather than the more conventional 100) based on findings that most radio listeners prefer fewer channels per bank but more banks for simplified operation. The AR8000 will search and scan at a very respectable (and fast) maximum speed of approximately 30 increments per second. You may even enter "special" frequencies into memory banks where they may only be recalled entering a user definable PASSWORD ... this will stop preying eyes.

The AR8000 is truly a button pushers delight but operation need not be difficult. As well as a comprehensively illustrated operating manual, the AR8000 has two operating modes: NEWUSER and EXPERT. As already mentioned, the multi-function LCD provides many new facilities but the receiver has a new more tricks up it's sleeve. Not only can you connect the AR8000 to an external computer for remote control, you may connect two AR8000 receivers back-to-back so that data may be copied from one to another(via the optional CU8232 RS-232C remote control interface).



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