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The Superior Concept


The AR8200 is a beacon representing a new approach, new features and forward thinking. This certain recipe for success builds on the popularity of the AR8000, adds technology originally developed for the award winning high performance AR5000 base receiver, ideas from listening to the needs of enthusiasts and a "touch" of AOR design & innovative magic.

  1. 수신 가능 주파수 500 kHz-2040 MHz 중간에 수신되지않는 부분이 없음
  2. All mode reception with Super narrow FM plus Wide and Narrow AM in addition to the standard modes
  3. True carrier re-insertion in SSB modes
  4. RF preselection of mid VHF bands
  5. Detachable MW bar aerial with negative feedback
  6. Tuning steps programmable in multiples of 50 Hz in all modes, 8.33 kHz airband step correctly supported
  7. Step-adjust, frequency offset, AFC
  8. Noise limiter & attenuator
  9. Versatile band scope with save trace facility
  10. Twin frequency readout with bar signal meter
  11. Battery save facility with battery low legend
  12. Arrow 4-way side rocker with separate main tuning dial
  13. Programmable scan & search including LINK, FREE, DELAY, AUDIO, LEVEL, MODE
  14. Computer socket fitted for control, clone & record

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