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이 기기는 10.7MHz의 IF 신호를 信機型 수신기의 신호를 디지털 처리하여 다기능 모니터 스코프를 실현하는 스펙트럼 디스플레이 유니트이다. 동작 방법은 대형 LCD 화면상에서 표시되는 메뉴 방식을 이용하는데 다양한 기능을 쉽게 조작할 수 있도록 설계되어 있습니다.

광대역 수신기와 연결

이기기는 광대역 수신기 AR-500에 연결하여 사용하는 것을 전제로 개발되었습니다. AR-5000과 연결하여 사용할 때에는 AR-5000 수신 주파수 (중심주파수: CF) 또는 수신 모드를 SDU-5500에서 설정할 수 있습니다. SDU-5500을 AR-5000과 연결할 때 SDU-5500 화면상에 나타나는 신호를 바로 AR-5000에서도 수신할 수 있는 획기적인 수신 시스템입니다. 또, 아이콤의 IC-R8500 기기에도 사용이 가능합니다.

새로운 觀測 모드

이기기에는 일정한 간격으로 할당되어 있는 전파를 관측할 때 적합합니다.(스텝래소튜션 모드). 채널 스코프 모드는 아마추어 무선의 주파수대에 할당되어 있는 전파를 관측하는데 유효하고 편리합니다.

The "all new" SDU5500 Spectrum Display Unit

For years AOR has been marketing the worlds' first colour spectrum display unit SDU5000 for the professionals and top-end of amateur listeners. The SDU5500 is a worthy successor to the SDU5000 (which offered practical and cost effective monitoring), using a large high resolution LCD display backed by the latest microprocessor technology. Coupled to the AR5000 receiver, it provides a spectrum display of 10 MHz bandwidth anywhere between 10 kHz and 2600 MHz.

The SDU5500 has a (larger) high resolution monochrome (white/blue) LCD with improved status read-out on the top-half of the display with a spin wheel tuner controlling the marker position, similar to a dedicated high-priced spectrum analyser. On screen programming is provided via on-screen menus with six keys controlling selection in addition to the numeric keypad for frequency entry.

Briefly... the SDU5500 adds a variety of features to extend your receiver's capabilities, such as visually identifying new active frequencies and taking measurements. The SDU5500 may be used with a number of receivers (which have a 10.7 MHz I.F. output) and provides a bandwidth up to ± 5 MHz in 1 kHz increments with a resolution of 5 kHz or 30 kHz. When using selected AOR and ICOM receivers, the frequency, mode (& attenuator with some sets) may be controlled from the SDU5500. The SDU5500 may also be connected to a PC where all controls are accessible and display data can be downloaded for record and later analysis, you may measure the frequency and signal strength of historical events!

Key Points

  • Menu driven operation
    All facilities are within easy access through each dedicated function key and on-screen menu.
  • Full inter-connection with the AR5000
    The AR5000 can be operated from the SDU5500 enabling selection of centre frequency, receive mode, etc. Any frequency spotted and monitored by the SDU5500 can be received by the AR5000 straight away.
  • Direct reading of the receiving frequency and input level
    By placing the cursor on any spot frequency you can read its frequency and input level on screen. When connected with the AR5000 the SDU5500 virtually works as a spectrum analyser over 10 kHz to 2600 MHz range as the centre frequency always becomes the receive frequency.
  • Wide spectrum coverage
    The SDU5500 covers a maximum of +/-5 MHz spread against the input frequency.
  • Dual frequency resolution
    Selectable, either 5kHz or 30kHz resolution.
  • Wide input range
    -10dBm to -90dBm by using two selectable gain settings.
  • Highly accurate frequency management
    Through the DDS controlled local oscillator circuit.
  • Wide variety of displays
    Graphical display and statistical analysis.
  • Remote control via PC
    All keyboard operations of the SDU5500 can be mimicked by PC.
  • Compatibility with non-AOR radios
    Any radios which are equipped with a 10.7 MHz IF output can work with SDU5500. Sweep direction is selectable depending on the heterodyne configuration of the radio. Sweep span may be narrower subject to the IF characteristics of the radio.




Input Frequency

10.7 MHz

Sweep Width

1 kHz to 10 MHz (1 kHz step)

Frequency Accuracy

± 600 Hz

Resolution Bandwidth

5/30 kHz

Reference Level

-10, -40dBm

Maximum Input Level


Dynamic Range

50dBm min

Level Accuracy

Linearity within ± 2dB (within -40dB from reference level)


Band Ripple ± 4dB@10.7 MHz ± 5 MHz


Temperature ± 6dB(0°C~40°C)

Marker Mode

Direct read-out for frequency and level


Peak Detect + Continuous Peak Detect


Averaging (2 to 32 times sampling adjustment)

Plot Mode

Outline, Paint

Display Mode


Input Impedance

20k Ohm

Display Type

4.7" dot matrix STN LCD

Display resolution

304 x 128 dots

Screen Refresh



From primary d.c. 12V supply


225 x 124 x 240mm (W.H.D.) approx. excluding projections


3.02kg (approx.)

Power requirements

Nominal 12V d.c. @ 1A

Supported companion radio

AR5000/AR5000+3, AR3000A, IC-R7100, IC-R8500,
IC-R9000 and other radios with 10.7 MHz IF output (non active band-scope)

Accessories Supplied:  d.c. lead

  • Control cable for AR5000
  • BNC patch lead for IF connection
  • Operating manual
  • a.c. power supply in some market areas

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